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What You Need to Know about a VPN?

This article explains how a virtual private network (VPN) works, what it offers, whether it is safe, and its legality in Qatar.

If you believe that the internet is a big open arena that contains very deep data about its users and stores very easily whatever is displayed on it, you’re absolutely right! But have you ever thought of going into that arena anonymously? Here is how!    


What is a VPN?  

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, a technology that creates an encrypted and secure internet connection. It masks your sign-in process which makes it very difficult to track your online activities, or to collect information about you, or to steal your data.  

To put it simply, if you’re using a computer or a mobile phone in Qatar, and your VPN service provider is in the Netherlands, the operators of the websites you’re visiting would think that you’re in the Netherlands and not in Qatar. This “going out of sight” concept is about replacing your device's IP address with that of the VPN service provider.      


Do You Need a VPN Service?  

If you’re interested in increasing your security while browsing online, a VPN will definitely help you to protect yourself against hackers and technology, and software companies. So, you can visit websites and enter any necessary data totally unnoticed, your search history will be hidden and your location will be totally masked. 

VPN is particularly helpful when browsing the internet using a public Wi-Fi from a coffee shop, a hotel lobby, or a public library. It can also protect your privacy when using it at home if you like! 

Using a VPN is not complicated at all. You only need one good VPN app developed by a company with reputed credibility. You can upload it from the app store and use it any time you want with only a click. However, free apps are not all without disadvantages. In fact, when they are running on your device, they drain your battery and affect your internet speed. The solution is to subscribe to a paid service thereupon your internet speed will become better, especially when you’re also connected to a server that is close to you. So when you choose a VPN, make sure to choose the nearest service provider to your country.    


What Does VPN hide?  

  • Your Browsing History:   While it is way too easy to be tracked online, VPN helps you to keep your research and browsing history away from the eyes of companies and advertisers, and other parties who have an interest in tracking users.  
  • Your Location and IP Address: Since VPN uses an IP address that’s not your own and is connected to a network provider other than that within your real location, your location cannot be identified electronically or geographically.   
  • Your Devices: VPN hides your desktop computer and laptop, tablet, and smartphone from prying eyes, whether you’re using a public Wi-Fi or your own network.   


Is VPN safe? 

Since the VPN app will handle the data exchange between you and the websites, it may have the ability to save all your activities. The only way to avoid this is to ask reliable cybersecurity experts to recommend you the safest apps that have terms of service that would protect your data, and this is very important even if you have to pay a fee for the service. However, don’t be so generous in disclosing your data to the app.  


VPN in Qatar  

While the State of Qatar has very strict control policies regarding VPN use, it does not criminalize it. Its laws strictly prohibit any use that is in conflict with the culture of the Qatari society, but in general, VPNs are legal in Qatar, and you will not be legally accountable, However, you also need to know that if you use VPN for unlawful purposes, that would still be an illegal act anyway.        


Finally, you should definitely protect your privacy and do your best to prevent intruders from accessing your data. By using a VPN, you’re more likely to be safe and to prevent your data from being put up for sale or shared among companies. However, don’t forget the golden rule: The internet is a big open arena in way or another. 

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