Plagiarism is defined as using someone else’s work without giving them due credit. By virtue of that, anyone else doing your work for you – whether it is writing portions of it, drawing a diagram or even formatting it -- and not being acknowledged for the same, makes your project report plagiarized, as well as unethical.

Social engineering tactics are used by most of us, at home, parents use it on their children by promising to give them something if they perform good in studies or ‘if you do this, then, I will give you’ kind of tactics. It is evident that everyone practices social engineering to achieve what they want from others. However, most of us use socially accepted methods such as persuasion and argument rather than trickery, lies, impersonation and coercion. Social engineers who use the latter characteristics have entirely selfish and harmful intentions towards other people. Some of them who indulge could be a disgruntled employee, a student who felt insulted before a particular classmate, one who was declined admission into a reputed organization, denied loan from the bank, etc. They may deface websites, spread incorrect information, and steal personal records or money to get even with them.