Online Manners Matter

Online Manners Matter

A person with good manners attracts the attention and admiration of everyone. Good manners are essential to form a good character. As parents we ensure that our children are taught good manners so that they implement them in their day to day tasks. And although children may consider good manners as burdensome, they will value them when they grow up and ensure that their children follow the same manners.

Online manners are just as important as manners in the physical world. Harm can also be caused to people online if we don’t pay attention to what we write and say about them. Sharing certain real life incidents can convey the seriousness of the issues to them.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., have changed the way people communicate with each other. We need to be aware how children are behaving online because the Internet and social media sites give the privilege of anonymity. This can be misused and misunderstood by our children, as they take advantage of it by posting anything online. If your children are not aware of Internet etiquette, then they are at risk you need to explain to them good online behavior along with the dangers lurking online.

Teach your children to respect and consider everyone. Before writing or posting anything, teach your children to think if the same text or comment were sent to them by someone, how they would react. Ask them to be empathetic. If a person is posting negative information, teach your child to block the person, not to respond. Encourage them to write and post positive things to encourage people. Never write bad things about others and spread negative information on the web.

Encourage them to speak the truth, teach them to provide the right information on the web especially on social media sites. Encourage them to comply with website terms and conditions. We need to make our children accountable for their actions and behavior online. If they have made bad comments against anyone, teach them to apologize and reconcile. Remind them that anything posted on the Internet remains forever, so remind them to think it through properly before they post any information or comment.

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