Are we Practicing Internet Privacy?

internet privacy

We are fortunate to be living in this generation, as we see how fast technology is advancing. The internet has made it so accessible for one to be connected to as many people as possible through emails, chat messenger, social networking sites, etc.  As parents we are happy to be connected to our children even if we are staying abroad far away from them or working late in the office. We are also happy that our children are growing in this world where technology is booming and you desire them to be proficient in their education and build a niche in this digital world.

However without guidance and supervision, the internet can exert a bad influence on children. Children can get too attached to internet services such that they have substituted every other activity with online services. They like to spend more time on the internet and we as parents sometimes assume that they are treading the right path. The fact is that most of the children are just on chat messengers, watching videos, posting tweets and Facebook updates. Sharing photos and videos with others has become a common practice among teenagers.

As parents we need to monitor their activities without which their actions can prove costlier to them as well as to the entire family. We need to teach our children about being protective about their privacy. Children pay less attention to this aspect; they don’t mind filling their profile on websites just to access a game or video which is again a temporary need. But in exchange we have given our permanent information on the site, which is profitable for online companies and can be used for a very long time.

As parents we need to adopt a family internet privacy which will help everyone in family to stay protective against these online crimes. Not all websites protect your privacy as they claim to be. It is in our control to protect or compromise our privacy. Children should be taught on this even if they may not accept it completely or may not follow it correctly. But we as parents have to keep on reminding them on this so that one day they will be careful about their online activities.

It is recommended that parents should keep checking their children’s online activities. It’s not right on our part to allow them to use a computer with internet enabled services without our supervision. We need to assess the need of the internet with regard to our children’s education and provide them access. Let’s not follow the crowd but set an example in our families of how well we bring up our children in this digital growing world.

For accomplishing this, we need to upgrade ourselves with the current technology improvements. We have to know better than our children in order to monitor and understand their online behavior, failing which we may be taken for a ride by our children. Similarly as parents we need to be cautious of our digital devices. It’s not a right practice to leave our mobile phone or digital gadgets with our children. They might not understand the value of personal information you may be holding g on it. It is good to have password enabled digital devices which will restrict them to use the device. 

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